Kim Ngan Nguyen

Journalist and Communication Professional, Sweden

Born in Hanoi – Vietnam just after Đổi Mới (the economic reform), Kim Ngan is a typical Vietnamese millennial who is a digital native as well as a witness to the shift of the country before and after the Internet era. Working as a journalist and communication professional in several Mekong sub-region countries and Sweden for more than 10 years, Kim Ngan has envisioned the contribution of digital innovation to the social enhancement.

Today, Kim Ngan is working as an internal communication professional in a global Swedish industrial corporate named Atlas Copco, publishing her books in intercultural communication and contributing her in-depth articles about intercultural communication to some magazines in Vietnam.

Coming back to Hanoi for the Vietnam Internet Forum 2017, Kim Ngan will walk together with the audience through discussions around #InnovationforGood.