Hai Chung

Senior Lecturer and Researcher, Academy of Journalism and Communication, Vietnam

    Hai Chung is a lecturer, researcher and writer living in Hanoi. Hai Chung was a Hinrich Foundation Scholar (2007 – 2008) and got a Santander Grant as a visiting researcher at Yale University, the U.S (2013). Her current research interests include social media and social identity of the younger Vietnamese generation.

    She has several years of experience in communication for international and local organisations across Southeast Asia. Hai Chung now conducts lectures for M.A courses in communication management at the Academy of Journalism and Communication in Vietnam. She acted as co-chair for Internet and media at VPIS. She has been published in international journals and conferences. Hai Chung is one of the authors of “Truyền thông xã hội” (“Social Media”) (2016).

    Hai Chung is also a freelance writer for several newspapers in Vietnam. She got her Ph.D. in Media and Communication at the Media School, Bournemouth University, England.


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